CENS ProFlex digital 1: £479


Evolution in gunshot hearing protection continues with the CENS ProFlex electronic module combined with unique multi-softness custom fit earpieces. This new unique design combines superb functionality with an eye catching appearance, and this latest development leads the trend towards obstruction free, comfortable custom noise suppression for today’s shooter.

The CENS ProFlex is also suitable for use with both rifle and shotgun shooters. Made from flexible, medical-grade silicone material, these digital, ultra soft noise suppressors are designed to be extremely comfortable over long durations, whilst still providing the excellent suppression you expect from CENS digital. The electronic module is removable making cleaning a simple effective operation.

Featuring a fine tuned general shooting program, which boosts quieter sounds such as approaching birds and quarry to clear audible levels, giving you the edge on the competition.

Ear Impressions: For the CENS ProFlex digital 1 you will need to have ear impressions, these will need to be made by us or an audiologist and are not included in the price - Ear impressions made by us are charged at a flat rate of £25, note that all ear impressions for all CENS orders through us will be 3D scanned and stored for up to 5 years, these can be used in the future should you need a new set of CENS. If you are using 1 of our 200+ UK approved audiologists where you may be charged up to £50 for the ear impressions we will discount the price of your CENS order by £25 to ensure that your total price remains the same! Full details of our approved audiologists are provided during the order process.
3D Scanning & Storing of Ear Impressions: Yes
Aluminium Carry Case: Yes
Hard Fabric Case (with Belt Clip & Foam Insert): Yes
Small Squeeze Pocket Pouch: Yes
Hygiene Kit: Yes
2x Wax Brush with Magnet (for cleaning & battery changes): Yes
CENS Wallet: Yes
30 Spare Batteries: Yes
CENS Clothing Patch & Cap: Yes
User Guide & Warranty Card: Yes
2 Year Warranty: Yes
Ultra Comfortable Dual Silicone Mould
Water-Shield (Hydrophobic Protection)
1 Program (details above)
Digital DSP Circuitry
Hundreds of Colour Combinations
Personal Laser Marking Customisation
Easy to use Volume Control
Ultra-thin Anti-Bacterial Coating
Delayed Auto-Start System (5 seconds)
Activation Melody
Low Battery Warning Indication
312 Battery Type
Approx. 220 Hours Battery Life
Ear Plugs: Choice of Colours for Both Sides
Modules: Choice of Colours for Both Sides
Personal Laser Marking: 10 Characters (max.)
Cording: +£10
ProFlex+ Upgrade: +£10 (Approx 400 hours battery life vs. 220 hours)
Passive Modules: +£19 (Pair)
Ear Plug Marble Effect (2 Colours): +£15 (Per Side)
Ear Plug Marble Effect (3 Colours): +£20 (Per Side)
Option 1: You could visit us at our offices in Hertfordshire or London and we could make your ear impressions or
Option 2: We have a mobile service that covers London, Hertfordshire, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Middlesex, West Suffolk (mobile fees will apply) or
Option 3: Place your order and we'll put you in touch with your nearest UK audiologist via our online order process or
Option 4: If you are a group of shooters or gun club that require multiple ear plugs and ear impressions please contact us as we are able to offer package deals, our coverage area for this extends to most parts of the UK
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